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Welcome to Energy Of Chi LLC, formerly American Regenerative Chi Therapy, a beacon of spiritual wellness and healing serving Roswell, Alpharetta, East Cobb, GA, and nearby areas since 2003. Our mission is to facilitate deep meditation, metaphysical exploration, and transformative healing experiences. Through visionary portraiture, oil paintings, and immersive therapies, we guide individuals on journeys of spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion. Specializing in holistic approaches to health, we offer intuitive spiritual counseling and tailored trauma support. Our one-on-one sessions blend meditation, life therapy, and breathwork to foster inner harmony and spiritual fulfillment. Start your journey to holistic wellness today.

I have been doing massage therapy for 36 years I specialize in orthopedic, sports injury, and softer Swedish modalities, some Thai techniques, stretching and relaxation sessions for corporate and working folks mental and physical issues. I am easygoing and compassionate , most clients repeat on a continuing basis I have worked with vets with PTSD and cancer patients and have worked with many varying types of physical disabilities such as degenerating disc disease ,and knee and hip replacements My hands are intuitive and comforting. I use heated towels and many times my simple environment that is non rushed or busy brings people back I have a lot of study in naturopathic medicine and alternative preventative medicine that can be used in conjunction with a doctors advice to improve the quality of life of my clients. I see clients from all walks of life and many who seek massage from the pressures of the work force or the loss of a spouse or death of a loved one to nurture self is the beginning of healing on many levels.


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If you’re under the weight of daily routines and wish to feel lighter energy and deep, restful quietude, or are experiencing a transition in your life path, a Reiki session helps the psyche and reignites your spirit. You will benefit from our healing Reiki session with a calming atmosphere. Alternative Healing Therapy is known to have numerous benefits for our emotional and physical well-being. We specialize in several different styles of Healing.
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Relaxation Therapy with Aroma Therapy and Visual Meditation

Stress is one of the main culprits for a variety of physical and spiritual ailments. Here, you can enjoy the benefits of relaxation therapy, which includes aroma therapy and visual meditation, bringing one into a state of deep sleep, slowed-centered consciousness, and more. Relaxation therapy is a great way to unwind after a stressful week too. Additionally, you can try our ion infrared gemstone therapy and see how it works.
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